About Florida Cosplay Organization

Florida Cosplay Org was founded by Princess Sara and the help of people interested to commit to help establish a project using the Art of Cosplay and other kinds of Art as a creative and therapeutic activity that helps youth and children with emotional problems in an affective way.




Generate positive change in the community by doing Art activities with social, educational and cultural benefits through creative practice of the Art of cosplay and other kinds of Art.  Our approach mainly benefits the youth and children of the community of Florida.



  • Establish a physical space, providing it with the necessary resources for youth and children to make a community developing skills in the Art of Cosplay

  • Therapeutically talking about a creative process in the making of cosplay, which leads them to identify with the characters they love who in some way serve as a model of inspiration to overcome problems in their lives.

  • To learn social communication skills with peers through workshops, events and competitions is that are generated as a group that shares the same interest so they can interact with each other. Through these activities it helps the youth become more outgoing and build confidence in themselves.

  • Generate events that allow them to proudly display the spectacular outcome of what they worked on so hard on as a result of their own motivation.

  • Motivating young people to actively participate in different areas of the community.

  • To educate children in discipline that are relevant to the practice they perform . We talk about subjects such as fashion design and preparation , body art , artistic makeup, photography , graphic design , video editing , choreography ,sculpt, art, drama,dance, music ,etc. 

  • Group and individual therapeutic sessions hands on professionals that will not be like a regular therapy session no one will be judged. 

  • Make a positive change in the community by using diferents kinds of Arts as theraphy.