To SUPPORT and Help us 


How can you help us?

We grow with the support of the community, sponsors, organizations, institutions , small and large businesses and other organizations and people of good heart. Also you have many ways  for help :


  • spread the word on Social Networks.

  • Participate in Our Events.

  • Share your knowledge with those who want to learn.

  • Managing Permissions.

  • Share your suggestions and comments.

  • Transportation.

  • Physical space for activities.

  • Volunteering.

  • Spreading the word in general.

  • With your training and knowledge.

  • Donating of materials that you no longer need  for many activities.

  • Donating stereos, video, musical instruments. etc. Sponsoring.

  • Acquiring in our Online Store.(coming soon)

  • By purchasing products from our sponsors, so they can continue to help us.

  • Become a Member.

  • Creating new projects, programs and workshops.

Support us

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